About Us


Who we are

In 2015 we -    a small group of dancers passionate about dance and creatiity -    started on social media with creating dance communities, writings blogs and organising different small events.
In addition, our core team consists not only of dancers, but also performers and instructors. Ultimately, we have a great common goal, the organization of spectacular events.

Covid-19 and the its ensuing pandemic initially threw a spanner in the works. But, no worries the heads were put together and a new idea was born. A long, arduous and laborious process culminated in an innovative total concept. Now we concentrate literally to all dance styles like Tango, Swing Dance, Afro Latin, Ballet, Rock & Roll, Dance (Classics), Ballroom, Afro, House and more.

— All levels, All styles, united by passion.


What we do

Welcome to Magic Store, powered by Danceworld Online. Here you’ll be spoilt for choice with the latest dancewear and dance shoes from popular brands but also handmade fashion. Magic Store has something for every type of dancing.

Our collections are packed with discount dancewear for dance uniforms to more luxurious and unique fashion leotards for all dancers, from beginner to pro. Are you looking for ballet essentials and ballet shoes? You’ll find a huge selection available in high-quality fabric at affordable prices and a great range of women’s and men’s dancewear. A range of tap dance and jazz shoes, as well as other incredible dancewear selections like our apparel for ballroom, Latin and salsa dancing. Don’t forget other dance must-haves like dance bags, accessories and especially warm-ups to get cosy fast.

Danceworld Online
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Our Philosophy

Collaborations and the initiation of various activities bring together dancers worldwide.